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Wash & Dry

Kangapouch Care Instructions

Kangapouch Wash

Down fill Kangapouches are machine washable.

Wash Instructions
Close Velcro fasteners.
Unzip the Kangapouch to expose the inside of the sleep sack.
Machine wash in warm water (40C).
Do not use bleach.
Run the item through the extra rinse cycle to ensure all the soap has been washed out.
Too frequent washing will reduce the loft of the down over time.

Dry Instructions
Dry on low. Do not overheat the sleep sack.
Keep the Kangapouch unzipped and Velcro closed.
Insert some dryer balls or tennis balls into the dryer (ensure your balls are color fast).
For best results dry with other clothes to help fluff the down.
Do not use Bounce sheets or other anti static products.
Do not iron.

Diaper Change

Diaper changing at night is fast and easy because of our unique two-way zipper system.
Unzip the sleep sack from the bottom, flip the top layer open to the side and change the diaper.
Then re-zip the sleep sack and you are all set.

Sleep Wear

While wearing the sleep sack, your baby needs to only have on a long sleeved shirt and a diaper.
No sleepers that may have uncomfortable snaps or buttons are needed. The Kangapouch
sleep sack is soft and warm.