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Kangapouch organic cotton down filled sleep sack.

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Some faint water spots are on the fabric middle outside and middle inside of the sleep sack. These will wash out and not affect the quality of the sleep sack.

100% organic cotton fabric 500 thread count.
Filled with white duck down.

These sleep sacks are quite long so please measure your baby.
The width is the same for Large and Large Extra Tall.
Always ensure a secure fit around the waist with the Velcro side fasteners.

Large Extra Tall
(6″ longer than large)

12 to 48 Months

33″ (84cm) circumference chest
19.5″ (49.5cm) wide pouch
44″ (112cm) total length
Large extra tall size dimensions

For sizing, measure your baby around the circumference of the chest, and from the shoulders to the feet.

Kangapouch has dual snap system on the front shoulder tabs to allow for adjustment and growth.
Velcro side fasteners allow up to 5″ or 13cm circumference tightening in chest area for the size large.
The Velcro side fasteners attach on the back for the large sizes so that active toddler hands cannot undo the Velcro.

Suggested room temperature: 16-20°C (61-68°F) / TOG 2.5

The fabric has a shrinkage of 1.3% in length and 1.0% shrinkage in width.
The size and fill are adjusted to fit the size and TOG ratings after the first wash.

Zipper Side

Wearers Right – Regular, Wearers Left

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