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Seasons & Safety

Kangapouch Seasons

Kangapouch down filled sleep sacks can be used year round.
The down lets the air inside the Kangapouch breathe.
Our dual 2-way zipper system allows for extra ventilation when unzipped at the bottom

Kangapouch is also ideal for sleepovers and camping.

If you would like extra down for cooler camping nights please contact us directly.

Sleep Patterns

The Kangapouch acts as a SIGNAL for your baby.
When put into the pouch, your baby will know that
it is time for bed and will settle down easier.

Cuddles and/or being fed in the Kangapouch before sleep time will help your baby
go to sleep easier because there is little change in temperature as your baby is put to bed.
MOVING your baby after he or she has fallen asleep is easier because the blanket also moves.

Kangapouch is recommended by
Sleep Consultant
Vivian Sonnenberg
San Francisco, CA

Vivian Sonnenberg

Suggested Room Temperature: 16-20°C (61-68°F) / TOG 2.5

Kangapouch Safety

Kangapouch will move with your baby through rolls and turns during sleep, keeping your baby warm and covered at all times. This provides safety because your baby cannot slide down into the Kangapouch or become entangled in it.

As Parents, you get a good night’s sleep, rest assured that your baby is safe.
Your baby does not wake up as frequently, needing to be covered.

Babies like to have their arms free. The back of the neck in the Kangapouch is filled with down providing ample warmth to the upper torso. With free arms, a toddler will be able to pull up in the crib and move around but cannot climb out.

Every baby is different and every house temperature feels different. Therefore, the first night or two are going to be trial nights for you and your baby to find the best combination.

Monitor your baby’s warmth level in the pouch.
Your baby should have warm and dry legs in the down filled sleep sack. Your baby should never be sweaty. If you find that your infant is too warm, the room temperature may be too high or you have over-dressed your baby underneath.

For your baby’s first night, try just a shirt and diapers alone. Then move-up from there if necessary. The two-way zipper also allows you to open the Kangapouch on the bottom or the side of the pouch to allow for extra ventilation during warmer climatic conditions.

Ensure a secure fit around the chest so that your baby will not slip through. Please be advised that it is alright to initially have extra room at the feet as long as the Velcro side tabs are secure, ensuring that the sleep sack is snug around your baby’s chest. The chest width is the same for the large and large extra tall, as well as for the small and small tall.

Velcro side fasteners allow up to 3.5″ or 9cm circumference tightening in chest area for the small and small tall and 5″ or 13cm circumference tightening in chest area for the large and large extra tall. The Kangapouch has a dual zipper system. You can therefore, open just the bottom of the sleep sack to operate as a blanket. The opening of the bottom will allow for added ventilation as well as peace of mind if there is concern of any slipping through.

Kangapouch is certified for the CPSC requirements for zero lead content in children’s products.
We do not use fire retardants on our material.
The organic cotton fabric is certified 100% organic cotton.
Our snaps are are BPA-free and have been tested for lead and phthalate content to comply with CPSIA regulations for children’s products.